My Strengths

My Vision

My Vision is to bring sophisticated, wearable designs to a discerning clientele.

I can translate my aesthetic to many markets and mediums so that these jewels can be ACQUIRED by many!

My Services

Actual Piece - Beautiful Right!!!

       Colored Rendering

Rough Sketches

The challenge on this bracelet was to use the emeralds as they were actually cut and not identical so we could not make a line bracelet. I had to disguise the fact that they are slightly different, but make each special.

Judy Evans is a nationally and internationally recognized designer with over 17 awards to her credit. Most recently, she won a First Place Spectrum Award in the bridal category for a pair of platinum, diamond and morganite earrings. She has been working in the high-end segment of fine jewelry of over 30 years and is known for several innovations in design that have been imitated by many.

Her style is recognizable, but not predictable. Judy is as comfortable designing in a classic style as well as highly contemporary. Not satisfied to rely on already successful motifs, she is constantly pushing herself to try a new approach in design solutions.

As beautiful as Judy's designs are, her hand-painted renderings are considered among the best in the industry. These works of art are designed as much as the actual jewels. It could be said that she prefers to do things with the artisan's touch. Since her designs are represented in pencil and paint, they have a life that cannot be replicated in CAD renderings which are commonly used today.  Judy's renderings are not just pretty pictures; they are drawn in actual scale so as to be production ready.

​Judy is currently working as a freelance designer for several fine jewelry manufacturers. She is enjoying a diversity of challenges...from bridal, colored gemstones and fashion. All these different assignments work to keep her creativity operating at a peak. Unlike less experienced designers, Judy is comfortable acting as liaison with model makers and production departments to realize aesthetic and well-priced lines of jewelry of her esteemed clientele.